Privacy policy

Conditions for processing personal data Kraus Art OÜ
    1.1. Personal data is any data about an identified or identifiable natural person;
    1.2. “Personal data processing” means any operation that is performed with personal data or sets of personal data;
    1.3. Client or You – an individual visiting the Website;
    1.4. Kraus Art OÜ or we – company with registration code 16373217;
    1.5. Terms – these Terms of personal data processing;
    1.6. Responsible processor – Kraus Art OÜ;
    1.7. Website – this website ;
    1.8. Authorized processor is a person who processes personal data.
    2.1. These terms and conditions describe the conditions for processing personal data. The protection of personal data is important to us, therefore we process personal data only when there are legal grounds and for legitimate purposes, ensuring the security and protection of personal data.
    2.2. If necessary, we may change the terms to ensure they comply with the law. Therefore, we recommend that you visit the website periodically to keep up to date with current conditions. We always indicate the date from which the terms came into force in the current version.
    3.1. By sending us inquiries or other requests through the request form on the web page, you acknowledge that we need to process your personal data in order to respond to you. We have a legitimate interest in processing personal data in this case; in addition, in some cases it is necessary for making an offer, placing an order, fulfilling and enforcing performance. Therefore, the purpose of this processing of personal data is (1) to provide efficient and pleasant customer service, or (2) to prepare proposals, (3) to process an order, (4) to organize transport and installation, to transmit relevant information in this regard and to fulfill the order. .
    3.2. We process personal data in order to fulfill the obligations arising from legal acts in order to (1) ensure the protection of rights relating to personal data, (2) store personal data in order to fulfill the obligations arising from legal acts and (3) fulfill any other obligations arising from legal acts. acts of obligation.
    3.3. We use cookies on the web page. Cookies are small pieces of text data that are stored in your web browser or device when you visit a website. Some cookies are related to the website (so-called first-party cookies), and we also use third-party cookies. Cookies are necessary to ensure the website functions properly and they also make your use of the website more convenient. Cookies allow, for example, to remember your preferences and collect data about your use of a web page, allowing you to provide personalized content, as well as providing input for the compilation of analyzes and statistics. The information available to us through cookies is not associated with any specific individual.
    3.4. We use third party cookies from Google Analytics, Facebook on the website in accordance with the terms and conditions of these service providers. We use them for the following purposes: (1) analyze web page traffic, (2) provide social media features, and (3) display targeted advertising content. It is possible, however, that these cookies exchange data about your use of the website with third parties, who may combine the data with other data available to them.
    3.5. We ask each web page visitor to consent to the use of (1) third party cookies and (2) first party cookies aimed at generating anonymous statistics on web page traffic. If you do not consent, we do not use these cookies.
    3.6. If you would like to limit a web page’s use of cookies, disable cookies, or delete stored cookies, please review your web browser settings. Please note that limiting or disabling cookies may affect the proper functioning of the web page.
    3.7. To process personal data for purposes not covered by the terms and conditions, we always request prior consent.
    4.1. In order to achieve the purposes set out in the terms and conditions, we need to process some or all of the following personal data: (1) your name (2) email address (3) telephone number (4) address (5) information collected in the performance of obligations arising from legal acts. The exact composition of the personal data processed varies on a case-by-case basis. We always proceed from the principle that we process personal data only to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose.
    5.1. We have the right to publish and transfer personal data without prior consent in order to fulfill the obligations arising from legal acts, as well as to authorized processors. To protect our rights, we have the right to disclose personal data to third parties, including legal aid providers, auditors, debt collectors, etc.
    6.1. We store personal data as long as it is necessary to fulfill the purposes described here, protect our rights or fulfill obligations arising from legal acts. We store the data of the client who applied through the request form for no more than five years from the date of the client’s last request.
    7.1. Based on legal acts, you have the right (1) to request from us information about the processing of your personal data, and in some cases to demand (2) correction of personal data, (3) erasure, (4) restriction of processing or (5) to object. If we process your personal data based on consent (6), you can withdraw your consent at any time, in which case we will stop processing your personal data. This does not affect previously performed processing operations. We will respond to your requests as quickly as possible, taking into account the deadlines established by law.
    8.1. If you have any questions or complaints regarding the processing of your personal data, you can contact us either as the responsible processor of Kraus Art OÜ, Pärnu mnt 129 b, Tallinn, Estonia; INFO@KRAUSKOOGID.EE; tel. +372 56885606.